Fox and Raven: Pink and Orange Garden


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This special piece involves the symbols of the Fox and Raven. The Fox pauses to listen to his intuition, symbolized by the Raven. Foxes are part of the canidae family that includes dogs, wolves, and coyotes; all animals that we tend to anthropomorphize, projecting our emotions into their expressions. The Raven is an animal associated with the spirit world, from Edgar Allen Poe to the Norse Huginn and Muninn that fly back with information about the human world to report to Odin. From this association with the spirit world, the raven is a symbol for intuition. When the fox pauses to listen to his intuition, growth of heart and mind follows, symbolized by the shoots of vegetation up the front legs.

Relief Engraving, gold leaf, mixed media; 16″h x 20″w, Available framed in 16″x 20″ natural wood shadowbox frame, or unframed.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 1 in
Framing Options

Natural Pine Shadowbox Frame, No frame