Summer Exhibit: Round and Around

Doe in Blue, relief engraving, collage. 10″h x 8″w

The Red Brick Arts Center:


Opening Reception
Thursday, June 2, 5-7pm
June 2 – July 8, 2022.
The Red Brick Center for the Arts
Aspen, CO

Round and Around: Alissa Davies, Johanna Mueller, Zakriya Rabani, Jill Scher, Richard Sundeen

“Scientists have long known that humans are drawn to patterns. We recognize them as a means of survival and to derive meaning from our surroundings. The basic building blocks of our humanity – our DNA – is a repeating structure that infuses our biology. In this exhibition, patterns are explored by artists in ways that represent our personal, natural, biological, and cultural curiosities. While each artist explores their individual relationship to pattern, all the artists share an intuitive approach and a personal connection they say resonates on a deep level.” – Sarah Roy, Curator, Red Brick Center for the Arts

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